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International Distribution and Financing

These missions generally constitute longer term, intensive, almost full time jobs remunerated on a retainer + commission basis and bring into play experience in terms of marketing, press, market logistics and advertising, varying financing structures, international distribution, new market & platform knowledge and brand building.

GRID & Tinker Group -  Europe, January 2016 to date
  • International Financing, Distribution & Marketing

  • Project Development, Team Coordination, Market Organisation

Studio RedFrog - France, 2014/2015
  • Project Development, Marketing & Investor Strategy

  • Matchmaking for Co-productions and '3rd party' studio work

  • Market Planning: agenda, organisation and meetings

ToonMax Media - Shanghai Media Group - China, 2013/2014
  • Coaching, International Distribution, Branding & Marketing,

  • Strategy: Distribution, Communication, Press and Budgets

Brighter Path Productions - United Kingdom, 2014

  • Coaching, International Distribution, Branding & Marketing

  • Strategy: Distribution, Communication, Press and Budgets

Tomavistas - Spain, 2014

  • Investor Sourcing for projects, Producer Meetings & Follow-up

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