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What do they have to say about Justine ?

Owner - 
GO-N Productions, France

“Justine was instrumental in putting together a strategic, impactful and cost-effective marketing & advertising campaign for both GO-N’s 10th Anniversary and the international launch of our new property, "ZIP ZIP". Not only were we delighted with the increased awareness of our company profile, and beneficial effects on the commercialisation of "ZIP ZIP", but also with Justine’s insight, experience and efficiency - it was a pleasure working with her”

'Mavis' YAN MINYIN  严敏胤

Manager of Magnolia Award, Shanghai TV Festival, China

"For a number of years, Justine has sourced appropriate contenders  and judges for both the TV and Film Festivals in Shanghai this year. She also opened the doors to increased exposure for the Festivals with pinpointed press editorials and social media coverage. Her assistance has been most valuable in ensuring that the Shanghai Festivals are fast becoming amongst the most prestigious in the International Animation Festival calendar" 

Co-Founder & Creative Producer at Zeropoint Studios, South Africa

"I had the pleasure of hosting Justine here in Cape Town when we brought her over to deliver a master class 2 day workshop in South Africa, both in CT and Johannesburg as part of the Masterclass Series we ran here toward the end of last year. Justine was brilliant, I expected that, but some of the comments from the attendees were that she changed their lives!

SA was hungry for her incredibly generous sharing of skills, experience and time. SA is not quite on par with Europe in terms of mindset or practice etc. and Justine was quite remarkable in the manner in which she handled some of the more challenging groups and moments. We had excellent feedback from attendees, and, her attending during Kunjanimation 2014 (The CT Film Festival) was a real highlight at a time where the emerging animation business here is really quite charged with positive energy.

Big thanks to you! Your content was spot on for our groups and incredibly valuable, another person remarked about "the takeaways" they got, as being GOLD! ;)

We all look forward to finding ways to get you back here soon for more.

And hopefully more SA project will break borders soon, thanks to you!"

Valérie BAHEUX
Digital Marketing & Social Media - MIZBUZZ, France

"I have had the pleasure of working with Justine for many years and on a number of international missions. In my view, she rates amongst the top experts in the domain of creative facilitation. The experience she has accrued within large corporations along with the wide variety of positions she has held have given her a unique and global vision of all things related to the creation of projects; financing, marketing & communication strategy, partnerships, international distribution, brand management… Her expertise, efficiency and the generosity with which she gives 200% to every project she undertakes all contribute to her being a collaborator that I would highly recommend"


Partner at A4 Studios, China

"Justine was brought on board as a consultant for Toonmax's international content distribution & marketing for 8 months, providing advice and guidance from ad placement, marketing & communication strategies, to presenting Toonmax's portfolio at MIPCOM in 2013. The team was thoroughly impressed with her expert knowledge in the Kids & Family entertainment sector, and her network ranging from creators, producers, broadcasters and more. She was ever so tireless in making sure the budget got spent most effectively and that the team is thankful to her with all the valuable first-hand experience learned through Justine B."

Olivier DUMONT
Managing Director at eOne Family and eOne Licensing, United Kingdom

I would highly recommend Justine as a skilled, accomplished, reliable and driven professional and a talented linguist. During the period we worked together at Europe Images (Lagardère Group) Justine had already proven herself as a very hard-working and tenacious Sales Executive - much-liked and respected by colleagues, clients and producers alike.


In August 2005, as newly appointed COO of TV-Loonland, I hired Justine as Head of Distribution & Acquisitions at TV Loonland, reporting to myself. Throughout the challenging yet very rewarding 4 years we worked together at the company, Justine never wavered in her resolve to place Loonland firmly on the International map as one of the most prestigious and successful brand management companies on the market. Justine spotted key properties such as Little Princess and was instrumental in the creation of a coherent, qualitative and best-selling line-up. Her role included heading-up the sales team, devising and implementing sales strategy, motivating, managing and hiring experienced professionals and coordinating sales worldwide. Justine exceeded expectations in this role and was constantly imagining innovative ways to provide new revenue streams and thanks to a dedicated team, sales improved by 60% over the 4-year period. She also made a more than substantial contribution to the homogenisation the catalogue and overseeing marketing, press and promotional strategy. I would also attest to and commend her loyalty to clients, producers and the company without losing her cool or sense of humour throughout very difficult times which TV-Loonland faced.


A versatile professional with an impressive skill set, I would recommend Justine for any role within the Children's television business that she wishes to undertake.

National Chair – Animation South Africa

Coordinating export missions to key content markets is one of the core functions of Animation South Africa. But in order for our delegation to be market-ready, they needed to know the key players, which sessions to attend, what and how we needed to pitch, how business is conducted - the works, which Justine managed to distill into one informative workshop!


Justine guided the development of both our pitch materials as well as our delegates through her private mentoring and coaching. Her insights, according to feedback we received, either crystallized or transformed our delegates' concepts.


Justine's expertise, coupled with her friendly, accommodating nature, makes her someone whom we intend to work with again and couldn't recommend highly enough.

Head of Children’s Media Conference, United Kingdom

Justine has produced workshops for CMC for several years now and they are constantly the most popular, the best attended, and result in the happiest of customers for what they experience and learn. Justine brings together her great list of contacts, her understanding of how the industry works and her acute awareness of what makes for success in the creative business of kids’ content - and shares all of those with our satisfied delegates.

Independent Media Production Professional,
United Kingdom

Justine and I have known each other for some years but have never worked together until recently. She was a fantastic panel member at the Mexican Animation Pixelatl Festival in Cuernavaca September 2016. She gave a fantastic presentation taking account of the many facets of the international  market place and indeed has help the festival hugely with her many contacts and her passion for our industry. She was recently at the CMC in Sheffield and did a brilliant workshop on Pitching. She is a lady of many talents - check her out - highly recommended - and has my utmost respect.


CEO of Pixelatl, Mexico

Masterminded by Pixelatl, El Festival is one of a kind - linking Mexican artists, animators and creators to global leaders in animation, comics, design and video gaming.

We invited Justine to participate in three initiatives during the Festival last year - Firstly, for our Global Industry Overview session to provide attendees with her insight and views on current trends within the International animation industry, and then as a mentor, alongside with other industry executives, to give individual feedback and advice to Mexican producers and creatives on their projects, and thirdly as an expert on an international investor panel receiving pitches from creatives and producers and providing instant feedback.

Justine provided invaluable insight, useful and constructive contacts, and precious ‘takeaways’ for our attendees and has continued to match-make, connect and keep Pixelatl and Mexican producers in mind when looking at new projects, potential studio contacts and speakers, and also when discovering artistic talent upon her world travels and workshops for and on behalf of producer and festival organisations.

Head of Cinekid for Professionals at Stichting CINEKID, Netherlands


​Justine has been on the Cinekid Advisory Board for almost 10 years, has brought an additional international dimension to Cinekid for Professionals, and been a terrific advocate for the Festival worldwide since her involvement. She has consistently provided meaningful investor introductions, initiated press contacts, suggested ideas for conference content and sourced potential projects for the pitching competition. Her ‘on-the-spot’ matchmaking and professional guidance to producers and creatives has now become a fixture at the Cinekid for Professionals, and has proven to be both useful and effective. We are delighted to have her on the Board, her input over the years has been extremely valuable, and we now consider her as part of the Cinekid family.



Trade Commissioner, Canadian Embassy to France Information
and Communication Technologies, France

« I had the pleasure of working with Justine at the MIFA in Annecy, and I can recommend JUST B services to anyone interested in making connections in the European film and TV production industry.  Justine has a clear vision of what is expected from a content production company in order to succeed on international markets, and she is able to convey that vision in a constructive manner.  Furthermore, her network of contacts in production and broadcasting allows for great networking opportunities.  And to conclude, Justine is a lovely person to interact with in every respect, that takes the cherry! ».

Screenwriter & Creative Producer, Australia

Thank you so much for your advice at Meet the Experts as part of MIFA. Your analysis of my pitch of 'Karyn Splitter: Alien Sitter' was so helpful and I ended up making some last-minute tweaks as a result. 


And then a few days later Orion Ross awarded me the Disney Prize for my pitch - which I'm still in shock about! Not quite sure how that happened considering how nervous I was!


I'm now in the fortunate position of chatting to potential partners about making the show. I've already got an offer from a French studio which, if I learned anything from our conversation, could be a very very good place for the project due to all the help that's available.


But I wanted to communicate my heartfelt thanks for being so generous with your time and really engaging with everyone's projects and personal challenges during our session. It was super inspiring!

B Waterstudios + Scio Entertainment, Germany

Justine is a great professional!

Rachael EXTON
Finger Industries, United Kingdom

I was lucky enough to work alongside Justine at the CGMS 2017 in Manchester, where we offered a matchmaking service to all attendees. Without a doubt I would recommend JUST B services to anyone who required expert advice regarding the Children’s media industry. Justine is incredibly dedicated, pro-active and such a friendly, engaging person.

Justine’s network of contacts is forever growing because of her welcoming, expert approach, and if in any doubt, she would be the first person I would turn to, to ask for guidance.



Child and Teen Consumption Conference

I really enjoyed working with Justine and the members of the panel to sketch the thread of the debate and really appreciated her capacity to synthesize complex issues confronting cultural content producers. Justine is a committed worker, prepared well getting the most recent information from many sources to bring to the audience an accurate account of hot professional issues…


She was also very clever in her way of gently moving from one topic to another to allow a rich crossing of perspectives. Justine is a brilliant chair, able to highlight the contribution of each member of the panel to the on-going debate.

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